Sunday, September 19, 2010

Video, as promised.

More from The Craftsman

Sooo, it's been a busy couple months around here because N and I just moved to Houston, Texas!

I accepted a teaching position at Houston Community College and I am very excited to be here; though adjusting to the heat and the traffic has been a challenge!

In any event, I had to take a break from reading The Craftsman by Richard Sennett while we moved. I just picked it back up and I am ready to post more tidbits of wisdom that I've gained so far.

"Inarticulate does not mean stupid; indeed, what we can say in words may be more limited than what we can do with things. Craftwork establishes a realm of skill and knowledge perhaps beyond human verbal capacities to explain it..." p. 95

"The desire to do something well is a personal litmus test; inadequate personal performance hurts in a different way than inequalities of inherited social position of the externals of wealth: it is about you." p. 97

"The machined object, like the parent, makes a proposal about how something might be done; we ponder the proposal rather than submit to it." p. 103

"...only someone who accepts that he or she is likely to fall short of perfection is likely to develop realistic judgments about life, to prefer what is limited and concrete and so human." p. 104