Sunday, April 24, 2011

From Italian Walls

These are the brooches I made for the end of the semester exhibition here in Italy; they are all chased and repoussed silver and are based on pictures I took of Italian walls. The walls seemed to show the best examples of the passing of time here; old elements combined with new ones, or just left over from the past.

My last bookarts project in Italy

I made a box to put my travel journal, sketchbook and Italian phrasebook in. The plaque is pierced brass. It feels a little sad, as my last project before we leave, to have made a box to put my experience in.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Really real books, that I made

in book arts, here in Italy.

a tradin' fool

I have been trading jewelry with as many of the other artists and faculty here as I can! Above is a ring I traded with painter Holly Coulis.

These earrings were for photo teacher Robin Dana.

And this brooch was made for ceramicist Lauren Gallaspy.

Each piece is a "portrait" of its wearer, according to how I see them.