Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well mom, how'd I do?

I've been wanting a dressy wool coat for a while, so this weekend, I went shopping hoping to find some end of the season sales.
I found this $300 coat at Express. It was marked down to $50, with an additional 40% off of that, so $30. Then, I had a $25 gift card that I got for my birthday, so this coat cost me $6.00!!!!!!!!! It's as if it was free!


Calenhíril said...

That is a good find, dear! And you look great in it ;)

lacy said...

Lovely coat.

Why is there a mattress behind you?

Corey said...

Lacy, I just knew you'd ask about the mattress!

Well, that is where we store our second mattress. We don't have room to keep it set up as a bed, so it leans against the wall in the office/guest room. Nice, huh.

carol.caartist said...

I love it--very artsy and classic. (for some reason this didn't get published yesterday when I commented originally...)
Love you!