Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sock Monkey Love

Now that I'm behind what can only be called my "impenetrable shroud of doom" (to quote Sarah Vowell) after the theft of my copper, I need something to cheer me up. And what is cheerier than a sock monkey? So these are my sock monkeys. On the bottom is a sculpture I made in grad school. It is an actual sock monkey that has been bronzed. I call it Bronzed Sock Monkey (I know, I'm clever.) And on the top are the two friendly monkeys that adorn my bed. I like to call the big one Sally and the short one Mabel. They are antiques, though. I didn't make either of them. But someone did.


Catherine Chandler said...

I love the bronzed sock monkey!!!

Corey said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Corey! Sorry to hear about the copper robbery. I guess scrap metal prices have gotten really high, causing lots of thefts. Anyway, your blog looks great, and so does your etsy shop! I'm drooling over those silver spoons. Hope you're doing well in Carbondale. Talk to you soon.