Monday, September 17, 2007


This vacant spot under my work table in my studio is where there USED to be a bucket of copper scrap and all my copper sheet for making bowls. Where is it now, you ask? It was stolen when someone broke into the graduate metals house at SIU-Carbondale on Sunday. I'm pissed.


Catherine Chandler said...

So sorry about your copper! But ya know, at least they didn't steal your wallet, which happened at my school a couple years ago. Serious ID Theft on the student, amounting to thousands of dollars.

Corey said...

It could have been much worse, that's true. I'm grateful we didn't lose any tools or silver.

Midge said...

Wow. I'm so sorry. It feels so violating to get stolen from. Aside from missing the items that were stolen I think it's even more saddening on a humanistic level. It's hard to imagine how someone can actually live with themselves after stealing from an artist. My heart goes out to you!