Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Some people really get into frames and framing. I'm not one of them. Too fussy for me and I always get hair or something on the inside of the glass.

I like frames, though, as an idea. Frames, of course, mark limits and focus attention and they are essential parts of virtually everything humans find to be aesthetically pleasing. Movies are framed by the screen, books by their covers, and, importantly, both are framed by clear beginnings and endings.

Like many people, I struggle with feelings of insecurity, anxiety and ambitions that tell me I should always be doing better than I am. These feelings can sometimes be increased when I read my beloved blogs listed on the right. Each shows someone's life as seemingly lovely and composed and free of junk mail or scary piles of cardboard boxes precariously stacked in "the office."

But I have been thinking that maybe my issue isn't one of inferiority; maybe it's an issue of framing.

And that is why I have begun my daily photo project. I am looking for the aesthetic value in my life the way I see it in other's. If I can find beauty in my dirty dishes, even if that means taking the picture through the obscuring lens of a second camera, then maybe my life isn't so very different from "theirs."
Daily photo: 2/6/08

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