Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm excited.

So, as much as I want to be a locavore and believe it's very important to support local businesses in general, the fact remains that I love Starbucks. And my primary reasons are consistency of product (I know that I'll get a decent cappuccino no matter where I am) and the existence of the short (8 oz.) size. I don't like bigger cups than that because if I have it, I drink it, and then I feel like crap.

For awhile now, though, I've been feeling bad about always using disposable cups, especially since Starbucks has the annoying habit of double-cupping the short because the heat sleeve is too big, but I couldn't find a reusable cup that was small enough for my little drink...until now.

Behold the Timolino Travel Mug (with tea infuser--an added bonus). 8 oz. of slim, attractive, resuability. And I plan to force it on the many non-short providing coffee houses, who are welcome to charge me the tall price, but can now only give me the amount of coffee I want! Ha!

Daily photo: 7/25/08

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