Friday, March 26, 2010


The starting piece was a little over 3" long, and about 5/16" thick. It took about 15 hours, spread over 4 days to finish.


casher said...

It's like magic!

Kim said...

Ok. This totally inspired me to forge my own spoon. Im about 4 hours in...and like already probably 7 or 8 annealings. How the heck do you do it??? Mine is a fat chubby little ugly. You are amazing!

Corey said...

Kim, you just have to look past the fat chubby little ugly phase--I call it the "ugly adolescent phase".

Honestly, forging spoons is kinda hard, and what you see from me now is the result of many, many spoons before it. My first few spoons did not survive, because they were so funky, I scrapped 'em.

Good luck!