Thursday, April 1, 2010

Grow, Baby, Grow!

Baby lettuce, that is. These are my lettuce seedlings and I'm pretty proud of them. I think they look good enough to eat! ;-)


Cameron Dube said...

do you transplant these? how deep are your containers? i've been wanting to use my grow box for this after my tomatoes and jalapenos move out but, i'm not sure what depth the container needs to be to accommodate the roots. i've read 6", but that seems a bit deep.

Corey said...

I transplanted them into various sizes of clay pots--ranging from about 6" to 4" deep. They're growing really well, so I guess that was a good size, though I only used those sizes because that is what I had. Lettuce is pretty fool proof, though--as long as it doesn't get too hot and bolt.