Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Obsession of the week.

Periodically, (fairly often, actually) I decide my life is lacking in some way. And I decide that something--generally a very specific thing, is what I am missing, and this thing, if I had it, would make my life complete. This week, that item is a French rolling pin.
I don't really bake, and when I do bake, it's not something that needs rolling because I don't have the counter space, but I feel certain that if I could have a lovely (preferably handmade) French rolling pin, like this one I found on Berea College Crafts, then I would start to bake and everything would be perfect. Is it possible I'm investing too much emotion into an inanimate object?

I also want a ceramic mortar and pestle. Same reasons.

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Carol said...

You are your mother's daughter, no argument. I do wonder how many others like us there are, and what facet of evolution chose this trait to perpetuate??