Thursday, October 18, 2007

Repair Days

This weekend, N and I drove down this scenic stretch of classic mid-western road to go to Repair Days at the National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis, TN. It's a yearly fundraiser organized by the Metals Museum where the public brings their broken metal stuff (stuff is a kind and generous term...) and some of the countries best metalsmiths (generally alumni from SIU-Carbondale) volunteer to fix it for $30 a pop.
It's a very 'old-school' metalsmithing kind of experience, with people giving blacksmithing demos, and lots of nightly drinking.
Overall, it was a good time and I'm glad we went. We only attended for the day on Saturday, but next year, we will have to hang around and do some work. By far the coolest event of the day was the iron pour--pictured above. People carved into sand molds and the Museum cast them. So, yes, that's a big bucket of molten iron, and I'm just feet away--oh, the excitement!

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