Thursday, May 8, 2008


It doesn't look like much, but this was my first ever, and, if may say so, delicious, stuffed pablano pepper I made on Tuesday.

I used a combination of recipes because I had many of the ingredients from the cull-bin at the Co-op and didn't want to have to buy anything but the meat.

So, I boiled 2 pablanos in 1 c. vegetable stock and 1 c. water for 3 min., then cooked 1 c. rice in the same water for 30 min. Meanwhile, I cooked onion, ground beef, garlic and taco seasoning 'til meat was brown and onions were tender. I added the rice, diced roma tomatoes, salt and pepper and cooked about 20 min. more until rice was tender. Then stuffed the peppers and baked at 375 degrees F for another 15 min. Sprinkled with monterey jack cheese and chopped cilantro and served with a cold beer! Yum! N. was suitably pleased.

Daily photo.

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