Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Making up with make-up.

I have never been a big fan of make-up but I don't have great skin, so it's a necessary evil. After a recent television news magazine did a show on green living vs. conventional living, I became aware of the chemical preservative used in most make-ups called 'parabens.' Some studies have apparently shown that parabens might act like hormones in our system and I discovered that virtually every cosmetic item I use daily, from shampoo to mouthwash, had them. I'm prepared to believe they are not dangerous, but I figured better safe than sorry (and mostly I'm hoping to improve my skin). So, I decided to try to find a make-up with out them and I settled on this mineral make-up from Afterglow cosmetics. So far, so good.

It was a practical purchase, one I was happy to make, but in my heart of hearts, I always want non-practical cosmetics that make me feel pretty because of their prettiness (read: marketing) and the best site I found for that as I searched for more natural cosmetic products was Farmaesthetics. Anyone, at any time, may feel free to send me the big, beautiful box of everything for $195, though I'd settle for the 5-piece chamomile collection. ;-) A girl can dream...

Daily photo: 5/12/08

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