Thursday, May 8, 2008

Monday-Culinary Delights.

I thought I'd do a week of pictures of my culinary experiments/discoveries, but I didn't have one on Wednesday, so that's out. I am, however, focusing this week, primarily, on what I eat.

#1: Peaches and basil simple syrup over ice cream.

I discovered (in my world, at least) this weekend, that fresh basil and fresh peach taste good together. I resolved to make something with them and this is what I came up with.

Things I learned:

-blanch the peaches first. papery skins are not good on ice cream.
-do not cook the basil in the simple syrup, it basically looses all flavor.
-do cook the diced peaches in the syrup (which is 1 part boiling water into which you dissolve 2 parts sugar)
-store the syrup and peaches overnight WITH fresh basil leaves in it, then remove the leaves before use.

I served it over vanilla ice cream, but it seems to me you could do just about anything with it, including (which I haven't tried, but plan to) mix the strained syrup with ice and club soda for a refreshing summer drink!

I know, I'm so clever. ;-)

Daily photo: 5/5/08

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